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Have you ever been put on the spot? It is not the best feeling in the world, and scrabbling for an answer that you think is correct can sometimes make us look incredibly underprepared. Before you start panicking about your upcoming interview, take a look at these 5 most common interview questions.


What are your strengths?

Well, what are they? See automatically we don’t want to sound like we have a big head here, but this is where you get to gloat. Be true, don’t tell them what you think they want to hear, pick a strength you have that will work well in the job you are applying for. Use a strong trait that you can then back up with an example to demonstrate you’re capable of the job.

What is your greatest weakness?

Choose a real weakness, but don’t choose a weakness that can raise concerns for the interviewer. For instance, if the job doesn't require you to do many PowerPoint presentations, maybe say: "I don't have a lot of experience with PowerPoint presentations to larger groups, sometimes my nerves get the better of me”; as opposed to saying: "I'm completely useless at PowerPoint and hate using it for presentations to a group".

 Where do you see yourself in five years?

On a beach sipping cocktails is not the appropriate answer here...!! They want to know whether this company or job role meets your expectations and goals in your life. Be realistic here; what goals do you want from this company and your future? Show what ambition you have, and where you want to push yourself to. Stay focused on what this job can offer, and how you can climb up the success ladder.

 Why should I hire you?

The question that makes you want to run for the door, not only have you been dreading the interview since you woke up, now they are asking why they should give the job to you. Although the first thing that enters your head is because I need a job, stop that train! Compose yourself and deliver a pitch that will impress even yourself.

 Before you even go to the interview ask yourself why exactly you want this job. Create an answer that will capture the attention of the interviewer; state that you can do what they are asking of you, that you admire how the company contributes to its sector, that you would be proud to be a part of that team and that, of course, you are be the best candidate for their company.

Do you have any questions?

Without a doubt unprepared people in an interview will say "I have no questions, you've covered it all" BAD MOVE! This is your chance to find out if you want to work for them. So think, what do you want to know about the place you just got interviewed for?

      • Is this a new job role? If not, where did the previous worker move on to?

      • What does a typical day at (company name) entail?

      • How will I be trained? - Show them you’re willing to learn and make this job work for both you and them.

      • Ask the interviewer how long they have been in the company.

      • What are the next steps for this recruitment process?

      • Do they have any more questions sine you have started talking to them?