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Everybody is nervous at interviews - what questions they will ask, what if I don’t know the answer, what if I stutter.... RELAX you’re human!! Take a deep breath and if you have done your research, then you will be fine.

An interview is designed for the interviewee to see if you are good for the company. They want to see how you are as a person. I mean, what information do you not know about yourself?

 "Be yourself, everyone else is taken." Oscar Wilde

 Always research the company - not knowing any information about the company you wish to apply for will lose you the position. For instance:

    • How big is the company?
    • How long has it been in business?
    • What does the company actually do?
    • Where is it based, just in one location or many?
    • What position are you applying for?


Get Prepared & Be Polite! 

Once you have gained the basic knowledge of the company, prepare a list that you may want to ask them regarding the information you have found. Don't show off, but let them know you have knowledge of what they do. Keep it relevant to the job description, and be sure they haven’t already answered the question...!!

    • Is this a new position? If not, where did the previous worker move on to?
    • What does a typical day at (company name) entail?
    • How will I be trained? - Show them you’re willing to learn and make this job work for both you and them.
    • Ask the interviewer how long they have been in the company.

As silly as it sounds preparation isn’t just about the interview or the questions. This also includes getting to the interview. Always plan your journey, allowing yourself enough time to adjust and be ready when your name is called. Being 15 minutes early will give your body enough time to adjust, calm your blood pressure and clear your mind for the interview.

On arrival, be polite to everyone no matter who they are, as we have all read on Facebook “how the man who swore at me in the parking lot has just arrived for his interview with me.”

A survey showed it takes the interviewer only 7 minutes to decide if the candidate is right for the role, so remember that first impressions say a lot about you..!!